Wallpaper me!

Along with rugs and artwork, wallpaper has become another slight obsession of mine. Whether it’s to make a feature wall, to bring more colour into the room, tie existing colours together, use as a backdrop to some otherwise plain shelves or just add some extra depth, I think it’s a fabulous way to just add that something extra to your space. See below for a few of my favourites!


Birdsong WallpaperI absolutely adore this paper. It’s got so many colours in it yet still remains intricate and isn’t too overwhelming. I’d love to use this as the backdrop to a photo feature, bringing that feminine edge to an otherwise minimal space.Image

For me, this chevron design would be great in a study or an office space. It’s got that serious look about it, but the yellow just brings something fresh and fun to brighten it up and make it more exciting.


Love these triangles! I can’t decide how big a wall you could get away with putting them on or if they’d make your brain frazzle a little if on too large a space. I think they’re a brilliant way to tie some colours together though and could be used as a backdrop to some shelves or even along a larger wall up to half height, with one of the colours used to finish the top half of the wall.


How cute are these spoons! I’d easily get carried away with this stunning paper and want to use it everywhere. My first thought was in a kitchen, then a dining room as they’d surely provide a talking point! They’ve also got that childlike feel to them and would look great in a playroom or in a kids bedroom. I’ve come across some other great papers by this studio so do have a look on my Pinterest for more.



Ok, so you’d have to pretty daring to use this in a whole room however if you’ve got a playful side I think this could brighten up a cloakroom or a guest toilet and lead to some great conversations! Even on the inside of a wardrobe or in a dressing room if you really wanted to keep it out of sight.


This is one of my favourites if only I had the space to use it. I think it’d work really well in a hallway or a cloakroom as a border and would be great to provide some continuity along a corridor. What with the different colours involved it’d be fairly easy to tie into most schemes.

 There’s so many more amazing wallpapers out there, which I WILL find. Watch this space and keep an eye on my Pinterest boards for more ideas to come!


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