Have a (colourful) seat..

Following on from my obsession with wallpaper, I’ve also been getting overexcited by the glimpses of spring by frantically eyeing up the new seasons ranges of bright furniture that seem to be popping up everywhere. Part of me wonders how practical a yellow sofa would really be and how tiresome a fuschia chair could eventually get (but that’s the sensible side of my brain that I rarely use). The more impulsive, creative side of me can’t get enough.

Snooze chair in yellow

Snooze chair

My first pick is this amazing snooze chair. Oversized armchairs are a must have for any comfy reading corner – but in yellow? It makes curling up with a good book acceptable in the summer and not only a winter thing – I love it and I want it!

Green 3 seater sofa

STOCKHOLM in Sandbacka green

If you’re looking for a larger injection of colour then I’m really liking this 3 seater Stockholm from Ikea. The green is perfect. Not too dark and not too limey – apologies if that’s a made up word. I’ve already used it in a couple of moodboards recently and it’s so versatile in terms of the other colours and patterns it goes with. The velvety texture also brings an additional depth.

Ritchie sofa


If you’re looking for something more polite, then how about something from the Ritchie collection at Made.com? The modern design is neat and contained, yet there’s a range of fantastic colours which still make it special.

Pink dream and snooze

Pink dream and snooze

For something more luxurious I love this fuschia pink dream and snooze sofa from Graham and Green. It’s a pretty big pop of colour, yet could be tamed against some neutral walls and accessories. I could imagine it under an equally colourful picture wall.

Oliver Bonas Tub Chair

Oliver Bonas Tub Chair

Oliver Bonas Tub Chair

Oliver Bonas Tub Chair

Oliver Bonas Love Tub

Oliver Bonas Love Tub

yellow love tub

Yellow love tub

My final picks have to be the Oliver Bonas tub chairs. The chairs are small enough to fit in any lonely corner, and the Love Tubs are slightly larger if you’ve got that bit more space. I think they could be ideal in an entranceway or a corridor if you want to show your fun side to any visitors, or a great way to liven up a dressing room or bedroom. There are so many colours available that you’re bound to find something suitable and I’d completely advocate it as an investment piece. You’ll always find room for the tub!


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