I love rugs

Whilst rugs aren’t necessarily the first thing you’re thinking of when redesigning a space, I think they’re a brilliant way to finish a room and tie everything together. Whether you’re looking to spruce up an existing space or are designing from a-fresh, they’re an easy solution to unobtrusively bring that little something extra. They add something that other, more central pieces of furniture just can’t without becoming the centre of attention. Here are a few of my favourites!


Chevron rug

Chevron rug


I do have a thing for chevrons, but if you can’t face taking over a room with a whole wall, then how about a more subtle rug? I love the turquoise and it’s a great way to also add a pop of colour.

Multicolour chevron rug

Multicolour triangle rug

I’ve previously featured a wallpaper version of this pattern in my Wallpaper post, so imagine my excitement when I came across the matching rug! Whilst I’m not usually into matching and I wouldn’t recommend it in the same room, it could be a fabulous way to link two rooms together. Maybe a children’s bedroom and a playroom?

Alexander Mcqueen Hummingbird Ivory

Alexander Mcqueen Hummingbird Ivory

How charming are these birds? A beautiful addition to a low key living room, whether you’re looking to brighten up some neutrals or add some delight to a darker theme.

Confetti flora rug

Confetti flora rug

For something more feminine but equally as colourful then maybe this Confetti flora rug from Anthropologie could do the trick?


blue geometric

Blue Geometric


If you’ve already got the colour and just want to add some depth, then I love all the geometric rugs and patterns on sale at the moment. I’d match this one from The Rug Company with a fairly neutral grey colour scheme with some pops of yellow?


Plantation rug company

Plantation rug company


I adore this piece. I think it’d be an amazing feature rug and what a fantastic array of colours to use in the rest of the room. A dark blue sofa surrounded by neutral grey walls? You could even go really dark and add a black accent wall. Who said blue and black can’t be mixed? You can break this rule at Heals or head over to Bouf for the equally charming circular version.

Circular Scope Rug

Circular Scope Rug


If you’ve already got the colour and are looking for a less formal rug to finish, then a black and white circle rug would be ideal. I love this one by CB2 not least because of how adaptable it could be. It’d work equally well in a more serious setting or even with some fresh pastels.


Stamp Rug

Stamp rug

Why not really challenge the rules and hang a rug on the wall? This postage stamp rug at notonthehighstreet.com looks equally good on the floor and comes in a variety of colours.


Felt rugs

Felt rugs

Lastly, these wool rugs would be a great addition to any kid’s space. They come in a variety of colours and sizes so could be exactly what you’re looking for!


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