There’s not too much I need to explain here. Clean, quick, mess-free, removable decoration – what more do you need to know to be convinced? Whilst some are probably aimed more at children, I’d still be tempted to use most of these in my own kid-free home!

Inke tree

Inke tree

Since working in kids design, I’ve loved this tree. It’s actually vintage wallpaper rather than a sticker and there’s a variety of styles available. There’s also a massive range of animals -featuring monkeys, elephants, ostriches, crocodiles, birds, giraffes… the list goes on! Take a tour round the Inke website to get the full picture; be prepared to spend a few hours!

chalkboard tea sticker

Chalkboard tea sticker

What a quirky way to leave a note/write a list/explain your house rules!

Stag head

Stag head

A beautiful, majestic stag. Who said wallstickers can’t be elegant?



A subtle way to bring the outside in. A way to bring some florals into the bedroom without eliminating the masculinity?


Stereo system

 How did you guess I was a music lover?

Geometric wallsticker


A great way to add some geometric style, then remove it once you’re bored with this fashion. I love the colours here too.

Birds stickers


These birds have been around for a while, but that’s for good reason.

Toilet wallsticker

Toilet Monster

What a fun way to add some humour to your bathroom!

window decals birds

Window decal

I love these window bird cages. I think it’s because of the colours – they’re a bit different from the standard black cages that you see quite a lot and being directly on the window seem a bit more authentic? If it wasn’t for the silhouette birds, I’d be trying to work out if the cages were real or not.

Mini sticker

Mini sticker

Want to spark a conversation? Why shouldn’t the mice also be treated to some design?




Again, I’ve seen these simple butterflies around for a while but I love the use of them on the floor in this picture. It’s an original way to display them and a little bit less ordinary.

comic book decals

Comic book decals

These are cute and whilst probably for children, you could evoke some humour by sticking them in the right noise-inducing places.

I’m still on the hunt for more, so do let me know what you think. Are you a wallsticker lover?


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