Beautiful Bedrooms – My Essentials

Getting the design of your bedroom right is key to a happy home. It’s one of the most personal rooms in the house, which guests will rarely venture into unless invited. A good night’s sleep is vital to a healthy life so making sure your room is comfortable, cosy, stress-free and exactly as you want it surely has to be a priority when designing your home! Here are the key things that are important to me in my own bedroom:

White bedroom

White bedroom

1. Keeping it clutter free. I adore the basic design here. Don’t get me wrong, realistically I couldn’t actually live like this. Where would I put all my shoes? When I have that luxury dressing room however, maybe I’ll be able to get away with only a bed in the bedroom!

bright and breezy bedroom

Bright and breezy

2. Colour – Personally, I like to keep the main colours fairly neutral so that it can then be jazzed up with some good bedding and then restyled with every sheet wash. If you do want to add more colour, keep it simple. Avoid having too much going on; clutter free room = clutter free mind.

Clever floor

Clever floor

3. Keep things off the floor. To help with the clutter free aesthetic, keep things off the floor – especially if you’ve got a bedroom floor to die for! I love the hanging vase here – it adds detail to the room without taking up valuable floor space, leaving you less inclined to keep things in their places!

Bedroom storage

Bedroom storage

4. Make space for storage. If you’re unable to lead a clutter free life like me, then at least own up to this and give yourself enough storage. If it’s well designed and catered for, then you can disguise the amount you really have and continue to live in denial! I love this storage wall – there really is so much stuff within these shelves but having it all in one place as one part of the room really helps to make it appear smaller and keeps it from imposing.

Symmetrical bedroom

Centred bedroom

5. Keep the room symmetrical. Not necessarily all of it, but for me the bed has to be centred along a wall with two identical bedside tables either side to make any kind of sense.

Bedroom rug

Bedroom rug

6. Pay attention to the floor. I prefer carpet in a bedroom for a warm, cosy feeling. If that’s not possible however, just adding a rug will add almost as much. It’ll help to centre the bed and make it the key feature. It can also be a way to add some subtle pattern or colour.

Bedroom headboard

Bedroom headboard

Interesting Headboard

Interesting headboard

7. Add some headboard interest. This doesn’t have to be an actual headboard – it could be a collection of frames above the bed, an interesting piece of abstract art or some fun wallpaper. I think it just helps to define the purpose of the room and draws attention to the most important piece of furniture.

Bedroom storae

Bedroom storage

8. Storage. Lastly, making sure everything has a place (and putting it there) is the last necessity to a stress free sleep. Whilst I can admit that I’m not always the tidiest, I still spend hours making sure everything I own has a home and trying to work out the best way of storing all of the ‘essentials’. Take a look at this guide from Better Homes and Gardens for some handy hints and tips.



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