Clever Kitchens

If you spend as much time as me trying to organise your kitchen, then you may find some of the following clever ideas useful. Living in a small space means every nook and cranny counts and making my kitchen as practical as Ikea is a dream.

Off the counter storage

Off the counter storage

Keep as much as you can off the worktop for a clean, clutter free look. Not only will it look amazing, but it’ll also be so much easier to clean and manage. It’s also a great way to use otherwise empty space!

hidden storage

Hidden storage

Use all available space. These drawers are a great way to use this forgotten space underneath kitchen cabinets. Whether it’s for animal food or cleaning products, everything needs a home!



A great way of clearing clutter is to keep appliances hidden away. I love the idea of this tea station. There’s something very English about it keeping itself to itself, yet remaining available at the drop of a hat.

multifunctional kitchen


Whilst this idea may not actually be that practical, I like the idea that the layout changes along with the functionality. Realistically, the stools may not hold too much weight however the idea that the table can be put away when not in use would really aide anybody struggling with space.

Wall storage

Wall storage

Put stuff on the walls! As long as the surfaces are clutter free and easy to clean, what’s wrong with hanging stuff up on the walls? It’ll allow you to save storage space and make a feature out of your beautiful utensils.

Organised drawers

Organised drawers

Keep everything organised and give everything a place. No matter how little space you have, make sure that it’s well structured so you can use it to its full potential. Throw out anything you don’t need to make room for the important stuff. I love these shelf dividers. It means you can’t just cram away and you have to be truly selective.

Shelves on a shelf

Shelves on a shelf

These fold up shelves are amazing. I have some myself and they’ve pretty much doubled the cupboard storage. There’s hardly anything that you need the full height of the cupboard shelves for and it’s such a simple solution!

I’m still on the lookout as my kitchen is in desperate need of a revamp, but wanted to share my findings so far. Eager to hear of any new ideas!


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